CCNI is a data entry company committed to delivering accurate, high quality and secure data entry services in order for clients to focus on other important aspects of their business.

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CCK City Network Inc - Philippines

CCNI is a data entry company formed in principle in September of 2006. The company officially incorporated of October 17, 2006 with the intent of providing top quality data management services for prospective client companies.

About Us


800 Global Employees

We are made up of talented data scientists, league of customer service advocates, multi-lingual specialist, data analyst committed to upholding our values as well as what our clients value.


¥30 Million Capital

We have stable financial capability guaranteed by our Japanese partner banks including Sumitomi Mitsui, Resona, Mizuho Bank, Kiyo Bank, Tottori Bank and Hokkaido Bank.


Multiple Languages

We offer multi-language services in Japanese, English, Chinese, Filipino, and Bangladeshi.


Compliant to Industry Standard

CCK is compliant to industry standards as a guarantee to our clients and to their customers. We ensure that their businesss is safe with us.


Diverse Location

We are primarily located in Asia with the expansion in different locations such as North America and other continents in the future.


Our Mission

To create sustainable employment while providing superior quality service to our clients.


Our Vision

Our vision is sustainable global business.
We are committed and highly dedicated as vested partners of our clients and their business.


Our Goals


We provide superior quality of services that our clients need to sustain and grow their business.


We deliver high level of accuracy. We understand the impact of errors in our client's business and their success.

Data Security.

We protect our client's business like ours. We guarantee top of the industry security measures and compliance to industry standards.


CCNI is a data entry company committed to delivering accurate, cost-efficient, high quality and secure data entry services in order for clients to focus on other more important aspects of their business.

10+ Years
BPO Operation
18 Years
Sales and Marketing
5+ Years
Business Development
5+ Years
Claims and Collections
6 Years
Digital Programming
8+ Years
Built, Operate, Transfer



CCK is an accredited PEZA and enjoys an investor incentives for both the company and our clients. This also assures that the business is protected by Philippine laws ensuring ease and seamless business operations.


CCK believes that quality and security is the heart and soul both of our and our clients' business.

We assured our clients that our business is in the right place. When quality and security is in place, the focus leads to growth and continuous improvement.


These associations provide support and assurance that CCK is a reliable partner in outsourcing services through the years upholding industry standards and best business practices.


"Our company will maximize the accomplishments and know-hows we have accumulated

to propose global division of work as your company's overseas base of operations, and we will strive for innovative technology in various fields to provide solutions for your future."