CCK City Network, Inc is a data entry company based in Manila that was founded in May 1989 and incorporated in June of the same year. CCK grew big as it opened its branches in other countries like in Bangladesh, USA, and mostly in Japan. Another branch in Philippines opened that was located in Pangasinan. As CCK grew big, it contributed and made impact to the lives of employees. The year 2018 was a big year to CCK as both Multi-Language Division and Data Entry grew big and two more departments opened; the Contact Center Division and Software Development Department.

Last November 30, 2018, CCK celebrated another fruitful year. They celebrated their 2018 Year End Special. A lot of people came. From the VIPs including the president of the company down to the company's employees. Raffles, prizes, food, and booze were given to people as tokens of appreciation. There were also performances from different departments to compete. Though it was competition to people, all the attendees enjoyed the performances that was themed as Disney Musical. There were smiles on everyone's faces as they watched all the performances. And though there should only be one group to win the major prize, the other group still enjoyed their number and was still grateful to the prizes they got.

There were laughters, chats, smiles on everyone's faces all throughout the event. Everyone was at ease, grateful, and thankful that they gathered to celebrate one event that night. Old and new faces were seen in that event. Some even made friends (probably). But one thing is for sure, everyone enjoyed the event. And they hope for a better year in 2019.

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Mapua Career Expo 2018

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Fire Drill 2019

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Creating Positive Atmosphere

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CCK Fun Run 2019

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