CCK is a company worthy to be entrusted with the future of every employee and will aspire to be a company that customers bring new customers.

Industry Served


CCK believes data encoding can help ease the load off companies by becoming a premiere data entry outsourcing company.

As CCK has expanded over the years, we were able to expand our horizon and extend offered services in different fields. As we have grown, we can assure our clients great quality of delivery.










Information Technology


Banking and Finance


The year 2018 is a good year for CCK as we opened a new section for Software Development Department. We never ceased to experiment and expand our horizon to continuously offer services to our clients.

The section offers services such as the following: Android Application, Desktop Application, Website Development, Flash to HTML Conversion, and Embedded System.


Android Application

As technology is booming and evolving more and more, applications in android are being created and used by consumers, we, in CCK offers you our service to create applications in android, be it games, shopping, or any other kinds of applications.

We assure our clients that we will deliver our product with great quality and on time as expected as we are capable to do so.


Website Development

Website is the front face of companies to their potential clients to learn about what services they offer and what they can do or about the company itself. Having a website will attract more clients and avail the services they offer.

CCK offers website development for your company. We will make sure to live up to your expectation and meet your standards.


Desktop Application

With the fast growing business and resource optimization is now a trend, desktop application is a must to bring automation to old manual process and to speed up work progress.

Though web based applications are constantly being used, CCK still offers to our clients to create applications as they are still being used by many.


Embedded System

Embedded system is a computer system which is a combination of hardware and software.

As CCK became more flexible and opened a new section for development, embedded system is being offered to our clients too.


Flash to HTML Conversion

As the norm in technology changes and hand held devices such as tablets and smartphones are preferred to use by the public, in which support for flash have already ended since 2012, conversion to HTML5 emerged, considered and now becoming a necessity.

CCK offers this new service as we promise to deliver it with the same quality if not better to convert applications from Flash to HTML.


As the company grows more and more, CCK opened its branch for contact center to offer services in different fields.

Contact center division is divided into: Lead Generation, Medical Surveys, Customer Service, Credit and Collection, Inbound/Outbound Sales, IT Helpdesk, and Back Office Support.

Lead Generation
Medical Surveys
Customer Service
Credit and Collection
Inbound/Outboud Sales
IT Helpdesk
Back Office Support