DUTERTE's KITCHEN's program in San Jose, Bulacan last November 8, 2018 was a success. So, joined forces with CCK City Network, Inc again, they went to Tondo Manila to continue their advocacy to feed underprivileged people especially the street children.

Together, the two organizations joined forces again to extend help to others. Tondo is one of the underprivileged places in Manila where a lot of people were neglected with the things they need. One of that is enough food for all. So, Duterte's Kitchen chose this place to extend their help. They brought rice porridge (lugaw) since they went there during morning to feed the children as well as the adults.

And just like what they got from San Jose, Bulacan, they received nothing but gratefulness, thanks, and happiness from the people they helped. Yes, it must be tiresome serving people you don't know. But seeing their happy and grateful faces can ease all the exhaustion flowing from one's veins and will be replaced by warmth to the heart.

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