Creating A Postive Atmosphere; it is something that every company standing needs to have. Being positive can influence somebody to be postive. Having a postive workforce can lead to success, too.

Last July 1, 2019, CCK conducted a seminar regarding 'Creating A Postive Atmospehere.' The company must have noticed that its employees are somewhat being demotivated and a little not too optimistic in terms with work. Or the environment wasn't that cheerful and joyful anymore. So as to boost the employees' spirit and bring the fun in work once more, CCK decided to conduct a seminar for the benefit of the company and each employees, too.

Deciding to be postive everyday is easy. Saying that you will be postive all the time is easy. But staying positive is the hardest part. And that is what have been discussed in the seminar.

A lot of people attended the seminar. Different department. Different ranking. Different age. All of them were there knowing it will benefit them and they will learn a lot and something new from the speaker. There were laughters, sharing of knowledge, and activities. Indeed, the people learned a lot and they have something new they can apply to their daily lives.

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