Fun Run was the first physical activity CCK has ever had together. The event was the most voted activity from the employees of CCK from the survey the Marketing Team organized. The reason why an activity was proposed in the first place was because so a work-life balance of CCK employees will be added for the promotional video of the company. Since the company never had an activity together, marketing team decided to have one. Sure there were activities by department but never as company wide. So, Fun Run was organized.

Each department was glad and thankful that such an activity will be organized. They were too happy to participate as they fully supported the said event. A lot of people joined especially in Data Entry Department and Multi-Lingual Department. They registered their names in the said event categorized as 3K Run and 5K Run.

A lot of people came to the said event. Some came in as early as they could. One by one, group by group, all the participants came to have their attendance checked in the registration booth so they can join the run. It was just a good thing that it didn't rain that day.

Perseverance. Determination. Laughter. Happiness. Those were the things that were plastered on everyone's face while running. They didn't only run to win the cash prize. They also ran so they can have fun, loosen up, spend more time with friends, colleagues and other people who joined the event. And aside from that, was so they can get to know other employees' in different department. Awarding for the best time for both 3K and 5K category were also given. There were also raffles and zumba that everyone enjoyed.

Though, it was a very hardwork for the committee to prepare the event, they were still overjoyed that everyone who participated did enjoy themselves and will have good memories for the rest of their lives.

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